Russia CertificationCertification of Customs UnionCertificate GOST-RСertification of products in Russia

Russian Certification. Customs Union Certification.

Declaration of Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU TR) Declaration of Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU TR)

 Declaration of conformity of the Customs Union - a document confirming that the product requirements of the Customs Union (EAC, Common Customs Union). The Declaration was adopted (issued) by the manufacturer or supplier of products and sent for registration in an accredited certification body.
certificate technical regulations customs union certificate technical regulations customs union

 Certificate of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union - a document which the certification authority (assessment (confirmation) confirms that the production requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.
Declaration of Customs Union (EAC) Declaration of Customs Union (EAC)

The Declaration of the Customs Union - a document issued under the Uniform Declaration of conformity of the Customs Union in which the manufacturer (supplier) product to be in accordance with the unified list of products mandatory assessment ( confirmation) in a customs union with the issuance of common documents.
Customs Union Certificate (EAC) Customs Union Certificate (EAC)

 The Certificate of the Customs Union (CU certification) – is an official document confirming the quality of production of approved standards approved by the general rules and requirements for the countries of the Customs Union member states and this document is valid in territory of 3 countries regardless of the place where the certificate of conformity registration for Customs Union was.
  The Customs Union consists of three countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

Customs Union ATEX Certificate Customs Union ATEX Certificate

The GOST-R Ex-proof (explosion proof)/ATEX Certificate is granted a certificate to indicate that a product is suitable for use in explosive atmospheres and are provided the information needed to use it safely.

gost-r certificate gost-r certificate

GOST-R Certificate of Conformity is a document attesting the conformity of products or services quality and safety standards, which is set for a given product or service.
gost-r voluntary certificate gost-r voluntary certificate

Voluntary certification is a form of certification in the GOST R system that is applied to products, services and equipment, of which the certification is not required under the legislation of the Russian Federation.
As a rule, the voluntary certification takes place at the request of the producer, the seller of goods or at the request of the customer.

Russian State Registration-Hygienic certificate Russian State Registration-Hygienic certificate

 Сertificate of State Registration - it is a document that confirms that product is safe for human health. This document is issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Development for the production and importation of products which meet the sanitary regulations and hygienic standards of Customs Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
Permission of Rostekhnodzor-RTN Permission of Rostekhnodzor-RTN

Resolution on the use of equipment necessary for the operation of a particular kind (type) of technical devices, including foreign production at hazardous production facilities. His issued by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

Permit ROSTECHNADZOR of Russia is required for the products which are classified as potential dangerous. That certificate confirms that production meets russian standards and norms.

Russian Fire Safety certificate Russian Fire Safety certificate

Fire Safety Certificate is an official document confirming that production corresponds to requirements defined in Fire Safety System of Certification.
Certificate of GAZPROMSERT Certificate of GAZPROMSERT

Voluntary certification system was developed GAZPROMSERT OAO "Gazprom" February 6, 1999 and was introduced to confirm compliance with the requirements of suppliers of products of OAO "Gazprom".
Russian Gosstroy Certificate Russian Gosstroy Certificate

Certification of production in construction

The Gosstroy Certificate is issued for all kinds of construction projects. This certificate proves that these products meet requirements of major normative and technical documents in Russia.
Certificate of GOSSTROY is required for every foreign entity who want to to carry out any construction activity, designing or engineering surveying for construction in Russia.
Russian Technical Passport Russian Technical Passport

This documentation, which necessarily contains information certifying properly manufacturer's warranty on this product. The certificate shows the basic values of the characteristics and parameters, the technical properties of the product, the terms of its utilization and data held certification.
GOST-K Certificate GOST-K Certificate

Certificate of conformity GOST-K ​​- a document certifying the conformity of products, services requirements of technical regulations, standards or other normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
UkrSepro Certificate UkrSepro Certificate

UkrSEPRO certificate proves of the conformity of the products are with compliance with standards and technical standards by the government of Ukraine.


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